Wonderful world of spices

Using spices is a simple way of adding depth and warmth with just a pinch or two in a soup, a sprinkle to liven up a stir fry or, of course, a fully-fledged Indian feast.

Wonderful world of spices
Wonderful world of spices

Herbs and spices make food tastier while boosting your health. Spices are full of healthy compounds and may help prevent illness and disease. All herbs and spices fight inflammation and reduce damage to your body's cells. This is because each one is rich in phytochemicals, which are healthful plant chemicals.

Adding herbs and spices to your diet has another beneift: because they are so flavouful, they make it easier to cut back on less healthy ingredients like, salt, sugar and added fat.

Using even small amounts can offer health benefits.

Benefits of eating a variety of rainbow vegetables

There are a number of reasons why eating a variety of colourful fruits and vegetables is important. Our bodies benefit from variety. For optimal health, we need a rainbow of nutrients and colours. In fact, the variety of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytochemicals in fruits and vegetables have enormous healing powers.

Eating a diversity of colourful foods can be an easy way to get a complete range of vitamins and minerals your body needs to thrive.

Each colour in fruits and vegetables is caused by specific phytonutrients, which are natural chemicals which that help protect plants from germs, bugs, the sun's harmful rays and other harmful threats. Each colour indicates an abundance of specific nutrients.

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