Kombucha: The elixir of life

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Kombucha tea is now regarded as a “health” drink, a source of pharmacologically active molecules, an important member of the antioxidant food group, and a functional food with potential beneficial health properties. Research on kombucha demonstrating its beneficial effects and their mechanisms will most likely continue to increase substantially in the next few years. It is apparent that kombucha tea is a source of a wide range of bioactive components that are digested, absorbed, and metabolized by the body, and exert their effects at the cellular level.These wonderful Kombucha drinks combine the health benefits of with DoTERRA essential oils.

These oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade, which means they are the purest oils available and because they are grown indigenously and sustainably they maintain the optimal health properties of the oils

They are also organic, fairtrade, sustainable and OH! did I mention that they taste amazing!!!!

Don't take my word for it try some and taste the difference.

Kombucha: The elixir of life
Kombucha: The elixir of life

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