Resbite ethos

Resbite is an independently run sustainable plant-based well-being cafe` and community space based in the Arc building in the heart of Bristol.


We specialise in fresh, organic, gluten-free options food, chemical-free cleaning products.


All our produce is carefully selected to ensure maximum nutritional benefit, with delicious recipes prepared by a  qualified naturopath and alkaline nutritionist.


Our aim is to encourage the cultivation of a harmonious relationship with the natural environment around us, including our bodies!

By providing healthy, organic food at a low cost we believe we can encourage everyone to participate, regardless of their economic status.

At Resbite we believe food is medicine. By nourishing our bodies properly we can prevent disease, revive our energy and feel vibrant and alive!

"Food for life" not a short-term diet, our organic food and juices will help reset the body to an optimal level that allows our repair/immune systems to function as they should. It works simply because there are no harmful additives in our organic food- without the constant addition of these chemicals, our bodies are able to heal themselves!

We also,  at Resbite, are committed to support fair-trade. Supporting fair wages for the sustainable works done by farmers all over the world.

They look after the environment, keep their old craft traditions alive and secure future supplies of the foods we love.  We in turn we wish to ensure they are paid fairly and can lead a dignified life.




Noemi Girch

“A great hidden gem with wonderful food and atmosphere. Rita is very welcoming, the business has a great philosophy I subscribe to - wishing them a lot of success in the future!”


“Love this cafe, amazing home cooked food which is nourishing but promotes optimum gut health. Rita knows so much about health and nutrition. Great place to meet, work, study and catch up. I learn so much from Rita, she is so friendly, kind, encouraging and warm. take a look and visit this wonderful, little cafe.”


“It’s a little-hidden paradise, but not far from the Corn Exchange. A little different, grab a bowl or plate help yourself to mix buffet pay at the end. Fabulous plant-based cafe. Glad to stumble upon you today & make your acquaintance. 
Nice other bits & bobs to purchase & books to view whilst there. Relaxing atmosphere. ”